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Preventative Care

Proper dental care starts at home and continues with professional dental care.

Routine Cleaning

When you visit our office, you will receive a routine cleaning from one of our registered dental hygienists that focuses on removal of tartar, plaque and common stains – all essential methods to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. The dentist will see you after your cleaning to examine your teeth, gums and overall oral health, which may include any questions or concerns you have.


Your health is our number one priority. Our doctors and staff are highly trained and dedicated to meeting and exceeding the latest sterilization techniques and guidelines recommended by several federal and state agencies.

Periodontal Disease

Protect your oral health. If you are experiencing any bleeding, swelling, redness or tenderness of the gums, call our office. This early stage, referred to as gingivitis, can develop into periodontal disease and should be treated as early as possible. Our hygienists can teach you how to prevent this and provide treatment should it arise.

If your dentist determines that you have periodontal disease he may suggest periodontal therapy. This will include more frequent visits to our office in which methods of scaling, root planing, and arestin antibiotic treatment are used to treat the condition.