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How To Protect Your Kids From Sports-Related Injuries

Sarah Kotlan

Jan 17, 2018

Studies show that over 200,000 injuries are prevented each year by using a mouth guard according to the Academy of General Dentistry. That’s 200,000 kids, teenagers, and loved ones that are protected from an oral or head injury while playing sports or participating in other recreational activities.

Many people enjoy playing sports, but there is always a risk of injury – some of which are considered an afterthought. Oral injuries such a tooth fracture, or a detached tooth can occur when the proper gear isn’t worn. Luckily, a mouth guard can prevent or lessen oral/head injuries and protect the ones you care about most.

When Should Your Child Be Wearing A Mouth Guard?

Typically, most individuals would associate mouth guards with contact sports such as football or hockey, but the truth is injuries can happen in non-contact sports too. Gymnastics or skating for example can also run the risk for an oral or head injury, and the proper precautions should be taken should the dentist evaluate the need for one.

Types of Injuries

By wearing a properly fitted mouth guard, you can avoid fractured teeth, avulsed (lost) teeth, fractured alveolar (dental) bone, and soft tissue (lips, cheeks, tongue) trauma. Mouth guards may also lessen the severity of a concussion by being in place at the moment of impact but do not prevent concussions.

Our Solution

At The Art Of Modern Dentistry, we encourage our patients to explore mouth guard options and take the steps necessary to protect oral health, especially for children whose dental health is still developing at a young age. If an individual wants to be fitted for a mouth guard, the dentist takes a dental impression of the upper teeth and fabricates a model that is used to create the mouth guard. The mouth guard should properly fit the patient’s unique smile in order to be effective.

Oral health is often overlooked, but should receive the same amount of attention when considering protection. Your smile is important and can be protected, but your health is irreplaceable.